Let’s start with a conversation…

“What is it you believe I can do for you?” is usually the first question I ask during an introductory meeting.

The usual answers I get to this first question, blank stares or rambling replies, are rarely focused.  Planning for retirement includes so many topics and concerns that prospective or new retirees are overwhelmed by the decisions that have to be made. 

They don’t know where to start, so they decide to meet with me.

Retirement is more complex than thinking it’s just about money.  Like everything else, each of us have different ideas when it comes to lifestyle, healthcare expenses, Social Security planning, Medicare, inheritance, final expense planning and the numerous issues that all retirees wrestle with.

My Retire Ready Method℠ is an organized process used with every client in trying to understand their specific situation. 

Then, we create a plan…

Based on your retirement life “vision,” I’ll make recommendations and provide options that will “match up” with those issues that are important to you.

My goal with every plan is two-fold:  provide for lifelong income and some peace of mind.